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[Alix 2] Basic working solution to drive the front LEDs

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:34 pm    Post subject: [Alix 2] Basic working solution to drive the front LEDs Reply with quote


Sorry I still have no solution to make a front LED of the Alix show the network activity. Crying or Very sad

But I could find a little program with some features and doctor it to provide the basic functions. This script is self-explanatory.

I did not implement the CPU and disk activity, it would be easy to add. But my LED #2 is reserved for WAN activity, when I can do it... Rolling Eyes


# set-alix-led.include.sh
# -----------------------
# This script can be included by any script having to drive a LED on a Alix system.
# It relies on the very limited possibilities of the operator alix-leds that can be
# found there:    http://linux.1wt.eu/alix/util/
# - the executable can be found in alix-leds-3.0-flx0.1-i386.tgz,
# - the source file can be found in alix-leds-3.0.tgz (for real functionalities).
# Arguments:
# ---------
# $1 = 1|2|3  (actually not verified, if you want to play, have fun...)
# = the LED to operate. LED #1 is the leftmost, normally it is permanently lit on Alix.
# $2 = on|off|slow|fast
# = what to do: switch on, off or set to blinking slow or fast.


SetLed()   # $1 = 1|2|3,  $2 = on|off|slow|fast
   # Here is all what I can do with that poor operator 'alix-leds':
   # - start monitor an existing/unexisting NIC to tun the LED on/off,
   # - immediately kill the process become useless :-(
   # - for slow|fast blinking the process must remain,
   # - so it has to be killed first before any change.

   if [ -f $ZtPidFile ]; then
      kill $(cat $ZtPidFile) ;
      rm -rf $ZtPidFile ;
   case "$2" in
      alix-leds -l $1 -i $ZtNicAlwaysUp -p $ZtPidFile ;
      kill $(cat $ZtPidFile) ;
      rm -rf $ZtPidFile ;
      alix-leds -l $1 -i $ZtNicNotExisting -p $ZtPidFile ;
      kill $(cat $ZtPidFile) ;
      rm -rf $ZtPidFile ;
      alix-leds -l $1 -r -p $ZtPidFile ;
      alix-leds -l $1 -R -p $ZtPidFile ;
      echo -e "set-alix-led.include.sh: SetLed( $1, $2) not implemented.\n"

The URL clickable: http://linux.1wt.eu/alix/util/

See also this topic: http://www.zeroshell.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=743 Confused

Now I use this script in my project [Janus / twin Alix2] and it works very fine. Very Happy

Hope it can help.
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