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Installation Manager

The Installation Manager allows you to install and configure Zeroshell on storage devices such as:
  • SATA Disks
  • IDE Disks
  • SCSI Disks
  • Compact Flash and SD Card
  • USB Flash/Disks (USB 3.0 is supported)
The minimum size of the device where Zeroshell can be installed is 1 GB, but at least 2 GB are recommended to ensure a partition large enough to contain the profile without the risk of a disk full due to logging activities. The Profile Partition will be automatically extended to occupy the entire disk so you will not have to perform manual steps to use all the space available.

You should always prefer the Installed Version instead of the Live CD one. In fact, the former is faster and more reliable than the version on CD. In addition, the Installed Version allows the automatic upgrade to the next release and eventually even the downgrade to the previous one with no effort.

Another advantage of using the Installation Manager is that during the installation process you will be asked for the type of Console (VGA or Serial) and any extra Kernel Parameters if your hardware requires them. You will be able to configure the IP Address, the Default Gateway and the Admin's password to access the new installation.

Keep in mind that, especially on slower devices such as Compact Flash, the installation process using the Installation Manager is much faster and more reliable than manually writing the disk image with the dd shell command.

You can invoke the Installation Manager with the inst-manager command from the shell or by pressing the key A from the Console Menu.

The Installation Manager is available for Zeroshell 3.0.0 as New Feature package. So to install Zeroshell on disk you have to start the Live CD version and then install the package 30200:Feature. After that the Installation Manager can be started.

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