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ZeroShell is a Linux Live CD distribution using open source software. The license with which it is distributed is the GPL version 2. Consequently in the Download section, along with the ISO image of the LiveCD, Javascript, Bash script and HTML created by the author of ZeroShell are also available.

For obvious organizational issues, it is not possible for me to offer the source code of all the software comprising Zeroshell for download. A list of these components is, however, attached below. I cannot thank the respective authors enough for this open source software, created and maintained at no cost.

I would also like to thank through which Zeroshell implements a dynamic DNS system to guarantee traceability even with dynamic IPs.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), where I am a system administrator in the Lecce Section, for the high degree of professionalism of the members of the Computing and Network Services who allowed me to come into contact with a high level networking and data processing systems.

Open source software used in Zeroshell

SoftwarePurpose (limited to the use in ZeroShell)
linuxLinux Kernel
httpdAdministration web interface
krb5Kerberos 5 Authentication Server
openldapLDAP Server
ypservNIS Server (YP)
opensslSSL/TLS Tunnel and CA management
freeradiusRADIUS server + EAP-TLS and PEAP (802.1x)
iptablesFirewall Packet Filter and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), NAT and Port Forwarding (PAT)
openvpnlan-to-lan ethernet VPN with VLAN
IPP2PPeer-to-peer file sharing traffic control
bindDNS Server
Stig Venaas'LDAP SDBLDAP backend for bind DNS using dNSZone schema
dhcpDHCP Server
rp-pppoePPPoE Client for ADSL connections
vconfigTagged VLAN 802.1Q
bridge-utilsBridging 802.1d with STP
pppPoint to point IP connections used for the PPPoE and PPTP protocol
ntpNTP client and server for system clock synchronization
sysklogdSyslog server for the acquisition and cataloguing of local and remote logs via syslog protocol
arpwatchMonitoring of ARP events such as duplication of IP addresses, flip flops and other faults
libpcapPacket Capture libraries used by arpwatch
lzoReal-time compression in lan-to-lan VPNs
wgetTo guarantee automatic updating with the patches found on
pciutilsRecognition of the brand and model of the Ethernet cards on PCI bus
ethtoolRecognition of the status of the physical link on Ethernet connections
e2fsprogsManagement of ext2 and ext3 filesystems
reiserfsprogsManagement of ReiserFS filesystems
dosfstoolsManagement of FAT and FAT32 (DOS and Windows) filesystems
partedPartition management. In particular partprobe allows viewing new partitions without rebooting
udevAutomatic management of devfs for hotplugs of USB disks
sudoIncreases security by running Apache as an unprivileged process and increasing privileges only if strictly necessary
Linux-PAMPAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
ClamAVAntivirus for the web pages
HAVPHTTP Proxy with Antivirus and URL blacklist support
Wireless ToolsManagement of the Wireless interfaces (iwconfig, iwpriv, ...)
MadWIFIKernel modules for Wi-Fi Atheros chipsets
WPA-SupplicantWPA/WPA2 Authentication (client)
HostAP daemonWPA/WPA2 Authentication (Acces Point)
All software has been compiled using gcc from GNU.

    Copyright (C) 2005-2015 by Fulvio Ricciardi