Zeroshell Repository Access Activation

The access to the repository for downloading the Add-Ons, the New Features and the New Releases of Zeroshell needs to be activated by an Activation Key. If you are interested to get one or more Activation Keys you should contribute in one of following ways:

  • Publish an English video tutorial on YouTube. The video  will be embedded in the page
  • Put a link and description about Zeroshell on your website
  • Write and publish an article about your Zeroshell experience
  • Post your positive/negative experiences with Zeroshell on external forum/blog
  • Make a small donation with PayPal by clicking the image below

Send the Feature Code that appears by pressing the Subscription button to so you will receive the related Activation Key.

Please, do not send the feature code without specifying how you have contributed.

If you decide to contribute putting a link to you can use the following logo:

Zeroshell Logo
Zeroshell Logo