General questions

  1. I have just started ZeroShell and the console displays the commands menu, but how can I connect to the web interface to configure it?
    From a PC connected via Ethernet to ETH00 of the ZeroShell box, open the URL using a web browser. Following the various messages advising you that the X.509 certificate was not issued by a reliable source, you will be required to insert your username and password: the username of the ZeroShell administrator is admin, while the initial password is zeroshell.
    Keep in mind that ZeroShell, by default, doesn’t enable the dhcp server to provide automatically assignment of IP address belonging to the subnet Hence, you must manually configure the PC on which runs the web browser to have an IP address (such as with which you can reach the host
  2. I have an embedded device without a VGA outlet and the keyboard connector and only have a RS232 serial interface. Can I get a text console for ZeroShell?
    Yes, you can have a serial console. To the RS232 port connect a VT100 text terminal or a PC with a terminal emulator configured to 38400bps, 8bit, no parity and 1 stop bit.
  3. Having incorrectly configured the firewall or the network in general I can no longer connect via the web interface. Even rebooting the system doesn’t work. How can I resolve the problem?
    From the ZeroShell console press the Z key. This enables the system to start the Fail-Safe procedure: you will be requested to select an Ethernet interface which can be attributed an IP address of your choice; any obstacles, such as firewall rules, belonging to a bridge, static routes or other will be removed. Once complete, you can access the interface via the IP address you attributed. To exit the Fail-Safe mode you must reboot, having removed the obstacle that blocked access.
  4. Once booted, a text commands menu appears on the ZeroShell console. But how can I start the graphic server? How can I start the graphic application, for example a web browser?
    It is simply not possible because given the purposes of the server system and its reduced size of just over 100MB, ZeroShell does not have an X server and the X11 applications installed. To display the administration web interface you must therefore use a browser that runs on a machine connected to the network.