Re: 3g bonding


i have a similar setup maybe redfive can help me (many thanks in advance}

box A has 4 3g modems ppp0… ppp3, vpn0….vpn3 bonded in bond00 eth00

box B has vpn0…vpn3 bonded in bond00 eth00

box B has internet from dlink 804hv forwarded vlans

can ping between boxes , if static routes can ping between 192.168 lan’s

can ping (does resolve) and any internet ip from box B

can ping any internet ip from boxA but or any other domain dosnt resolve

no internet conectivity on box A lan

the ideea is to get more speedy mobile internet. i have a fat pipe at home
with dynamic ip adress

tryed the NETMAP rules with no success, before it was working the same with nat (with nat i had some poor conectivity but intermitently)

thanks again