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@proberts wrote:

Is there an easy way to copy the ifconfig? It’s lengthy and I can’t SSH to the server.

For security reasons, the SSH daemon is disabled, but using the console you can enable it by typing the command:

service sshd start

Only root is able to open a remote shell because I have not configured the PAM yet. You will have to change the root’s password with the command

@proberts wrote:

Changing the IP address by using dhclient to get a DHCP address is the issue because I can change the admin password before I cange the IP and not after.
So, the difference I see is that I think the dummy used to be the IP subnet you gave me for the KDC….after the dhclient it looks like it resets the dummy0 so there is no longer an associated IP?

Ok, you are right. After you issue the dhclient command, use the following command:
ifconfig dummy1
This IP address is used for local authentication by apache and console process because the Kerberos MIT KDC does not issue ticket for requests.