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I am up and running but I think I have the whole setup to complex and would like some help.

I essentially have 4 subnets going and think there only needs to be 3.

What I have right now is eth00 as subnet (default) with DHCP configured
eth01 is my ip and gateway to isp and NAT running on it
eth02 is subnet with DHCP configured

I have a belkin wireless router connected to eth00 serving my WLAN and most all the rest of my LAN configuring automatically and also serving as a DHCP on subnet

I have my linksys VoIP router on eth02 set only to serve as an ATA for VoIP it is not serving as a router at all.

Then I have QoS enabled with a 3Mbps down and 768kbs up. It works fine until I activate on eth02 b/c (voip guarantee 1Mbps) it then throttles my etho1 subnet down to essentially 1.8mbs at all times.

So I guess my question is how do I configure zeroshell to serve as router with multiple ethXX on the same subnet is this possible? If its not possible how can I set the QoS to only give the 1Mbps to VoIP on eth02 if its being used.

I hope this makes sense.