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About dvb cards. Satellite connection works via it’s on protocol. It’s preferable to support “One-Way (Simplex) Scheme” you can read about this here You can establish link via VPN and via Static channel. Static tunnel is more preferable, because it is much more stable. To create it you can use “ip” command

ip tunnel add Tunnel0 mode ipip local $YOURIP remote $DESTIP

Before it you should to create dvb interface.

/usr/bin/dvbnet  -p $PIDNUMBER
/sbin/ifconfig dvb0_0 $DVBLOCALIP/32 hw ether $MACADDR up

Finally you should zap the signal

/usr/bin/szap -c channels.conf -n 1 –x

Then satellite dish is ready.
Can you add this functionality to you web based admin panel. I have some ideas and scripts, but unfortunately I have no time to implement them. Please check your pm. I’ve send a message for you.