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OK, I understand most of that….apart from ….

>>Do not forget to change the UDP/TCP port number (the same for the site A).

Are you suggesting that each vpn should have a different port number??

VPN1 = site A (udp 1194) —> site B (udp 1194)
VPN2 = site A (udp 1195) —> site B (udp 1195)
VPN3 = site A (udp 1196) —> site B (udp 1196)
VPN4 = site A (udp 1197) —> site B (udp 1197)

Our machine with the 100Mb/s connecion is a Windows Server. I cannot put another machine there at the moment, however I have lots of IP’s allocated to this box, so I could run ZeroShell within VMWare on the Windows server. The question is….have you any idea how I could get the ZeroShell image to work within VMWare?