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Well, I have had some success but still have problems.

webwarrior: thanks for the hint but already made that mistake :-)..

Fulvio: not sure about what you meant when you said include in Nat list. Does this mean in router section do an add to destination, then select RIP nat?

Here is what happened today:

1. configured zeroshell with ETH00 as ; ETH01 as
2. Added to routing table
3. Radius configured with AP
4. Enabled DNS
5. configured DHCP for
6. created users
7. generated certificate
8. exported certificate
9. enabled captive portal

Windows client connected thru AP and authenticated. However, when I opened the browser I receive and error message: Page redirect error

If I select the ETH00 IP then I get the captive portal login. But it cannot display intranet web page after login.

Any ideas about what I was doing wrong?