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I am pretty new to linux and have been looking for a solution to control the P2P problem in my network. I am going to try and do a hard drive install and run this as a bridge to filter out P2P on a network with over 1,000 users. I will let you all know the results, but, this is a very critical network and I would like some opinion from experienced users about what to expect.

So far I read that I need 2 MB of RAM per user, I will be trying this on a regular machine with 1GB of RAM, so I will run the experiment in a low usage time. If I think the results are satisfactory I will borrow a server and run a long term test. A question I have about this, if I do a HD install on a machine, and swap the HD to another machine, should it boot up without any issues or would I need to do a new install?

I will definately let you guys know the outcome though if you are interested.