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this is, what i’m looking for, too.

tomorrow i will install zeroshell on a PC and test it a little bit if it is possible to use it in our guest-network.

i try to install a network, where every guest gets a unique username/password-combination, that is only 24 hours valid. the guest comes to our office, signes a list (which guest-network-access he got) and then he is able to connect to the guest-network with this username/password-combination. when the 24 hours are over, the combination of username and password is expired and he isn’t able to join the network anymore.

so you can exactly backtrack, which guest (name in the list + which guest-login) connected which websites or used which services (in case of abuse)

is this possible somehow?

thanks, i hope zeroshell will be my solution 🙂

PS: ömm, my english..i’m sorry