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I get the following from my SysLog Server. If you notice the last line, which states successful authentication. I dont see that in your logs. Seems the station authenticates the server but when the server is supposed to authenticate the station, you’re not proceeding any further in the handshakes.

Sep-11-2007 11:54:01 PM Daemon.Info XX.XX.XX.XX UDP radiusd[3503]: rlm_eap_mschapv2: Issuing Challenge

Sep-11-2007 11:54:01 PM Daemon.Notice XX.XX.XX.XX UDP radiusd[3505]: Login OK: [UUUUUUU] (from client localhost port 0)

Sep-11-2007 11:54:01 PM Daemon.Notice XX.XX.XX.XX UDP radiusd[3501]: Login OK: [UUUUUUU] (from client PPPPP port NN cli MMMMMMMMMMMM)

Sep-11-2007 11:54:01 PM User.Notice XX.XX.XX.X UDP 802.1X: PEAP: “UUUUUUU” successfully authenticated on Access Point XX.XX.XX.XX

The certificates are passed first (I believe) which you are logging in ok, so I believe the problem must lie in the username/password. Too long, ascii chars? Just to be thorough try using a simple username, with a simple password with only letters and numbers.

I used your guide Paul to setup my own ZeroShell setup so excuse me if I’m being too elementary. Just trying to tease your brain, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Furthermore, that error you’re getting in version 5 just means you’re not using a client certificate as you would if you were using TLS as an auth protocol. Using TTLS or PEAP gives you this error but is perfectly normal and is just a note that there is no client cert. of which there is supposed to be none.

Personally using Beta6 with WPA2 Enterprise
Buffalo AP with DD-WRT Firmware
Vista and XP clients