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@fulvio wrote:

I don’t understand why you specify /21.
The CIDR notation (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) and are network address and not host IP address and the problem is that they rappresent the same subnet:

Infact the binary notation of the netmask is:
1111111.1111111.11111000.00000000 (21 ones)
therefore when FreeRADIUS applies the logical AND operation the last byte of both the networks is zero. In other words you have:

Thanks Fulvio, 😀

Ok, I feel like a total N00B now but at least I learned something additional today. I never work with CIDR notation and always just IP/Mask. I completely understand the behavior now. The interface threw me for a loop, I thought the /# was required not optional. When using a subnet calculator to find out my CIDR, I didn’t catch that IP/CIDR corresponds to a subnet not an IP and MASK.

I entered the IPs alone and it’s all set now.

Every thing’s up and working now. I appreciate your time and not just telling me to RTM. Sorry about that. 😳