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maybe that’s more because of the processing power requirements rather than the instruction set… I’m really just guessing here… i run Zero shell from CD, with only a SD/MMC with 64Mb to store configurations/database on a PII 400 Deschutes and 256Mb RAM at 100Mhz, 3 Network interfaces(1 for “internet” at 6Mbit/s, 2 for LAN) and when i’m downloading stuff the Load indicator goes to 0.5(I think it means that the load is at 50%, although when it boots it goes to 1.5 and no processor can go at 150% unless it’s overclocked, but even so it would not report 150% usage)

Any way, for me, i think it’s a waste of time to install Zero Shell in such a box, due to the LAN interfaces restriction, unless, i would be working with CISCO switcher, but i think in that case i would have money to buy a CISCO router. To put it working as an AP you would rather buy a Linksys WRT54G, flash it with DD-WRT or OpenWRT and voilá! :D, the only use i see you could make is to put it working as a RADIUS server, but if you wan’t it for this purpose(as i did also) you got to work it out because i found out that the freeRADIUS server that comes included is not yet very “secure” because the Accounting Service is disabled.