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It’s realy easy from the GUI, you just go to the QoS Menu Click on class manager, you have to create a new class for each IP, set the bandwith for each of them(don’t forguet to save the changes), and then you have to go to the classifier, set a rule for each IP that you want to catch in each rule, you can catch more than one IP for each rule but then they will just share the class bandwidth(but that’s is not what you want), then you go to the Interface Manager, and ad all the classes that you’ve created and enable QoS in the interface witch is connected to the network IP’s that you want to control:

let’s say that ETH00 has conection to the outside world, and you have a NAT/Bridge with ETH01, you would want to control every IP in ETH01 so they could equaly share your ETH00 connection to the outside world… you must enable QoS in ETH01 and add classes also in ETH01.

i’m using it to control download bandwidth and it works just fine, if you also want to control upload, you must enable QoS on ETH00, and go through all that stuff again…(create classes, set classifiers, add classes to network interfaces…)

I hope this helps!