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Thanks for the reply Fulvio.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Here’s a breakdown of my steps:

1. Downloaded CF card image to USB stick (from a WinXP PC)
2. Boot another PC with Knoppix.
3. This PC is equipped with a monitor that has a CF card reader.
4. The 512M industrial CF card is plugged in the monitor’s card port and my USB stick is plugged in a usb port before I boot with Knoppix.
5. I copy the compressed (downloaded image) to the local hardrive (this PC has WinXP on its hard drive but I’m booted using Knoppix LiveCD)
6. Using gunzip I decompress the image
7. Using dd, I copy the image over the the CF card (seen as /dev/sdc1)
8. Power off the PC and uplug the CF card
9. Plug the CF card into the mini-pc and power it up.
10. You know the rest.

I’ve tried this with both images and even tried dd for windows. I haven’t tried older versions of ZeroShell.

Any hints ?