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@brittneya wrote:

Whats the difference between adsl adsl and cable connections? I am looking to get a new router and what’s the difference between the two ? are the connection types different ? any pictures to help ? So i can see what the difference connection wise ? Many thanks

The media is different, on copper you have a pair of cables and on cable you have a coaxial cable. So you’ll need different modems if you switch from one to the other.

@zorelina wrote:

What is the best way to speed up an ADSL 512kbps connection? my friend told me that using a router (currently i’m using an ADSL usb modem) will speed up my internet connection! is that true?

Not quite true. The USB speed is more than 512K, so I don’t think that you’ll experience a much greater speed with an ethernet router. However an ethernet router can do more things, such as connect many PCs, firewall, wireless, NAT and port forward.