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two UMTS setups where working yesterday. (one for swisscom and the other for sunrise) After this success, I decided to restart from scratch by selecting the default configuration of the zeroshell.

Initially I was able to connect with two operators. and

With the “new” configuration I can’t connect anymore to the two UMTS networks. comgt – d /udev/ttyUSB0 are indicating the basic connection is up.

Could you give me a Idea how to trouble shoot this further.
Thanks Jakob

root@zeroshell root> comgt -d /udev/ttyUSB1
SIM ready
Waiting for Registration..(120 sec max)
Registered on Home network: “Swisscom”,2
Signal Quality: 16,99

But the chat log are indicating the PPP connection is not established.
I have enclosed two logs (one for Sunrise and the other for Swisscom. (The swisscom Card does not need a PIN code)

Try to connect to SWISSCOM:

14:36:20 SIGTERM
14:36:23 abort on (BUSY)
14:36:23 abort on (NO CARRIER)
14:36:23 abort on (ERROR)
14:36:23 report (CONNECT)
14:36:23 timeout set to 15 seconds
14:36:23 send (AT^M)
14:36:23 expect (OK)
14:36:23 AT^M^M
14:36:23 OK
14:36:23 — got it
14:36:23 send (AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””,””,0,0^M)
14:36:24 expect (OK)
14:36:24 ^M
14:36:24 AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””,””,0,0^M^M
14:36:24 OK
14:36:24 — got it
14:36:24 send (ATD*99#^M)
14:36:24 expect (CONNECT)
14:36:24 ^M

Try to connect to SUNRISE:

14:44:01 abort on (BUSY)
14:44:01 abort on (NO CARRIER)
14:44:01 abort on (ERROR)
14:44:01 report (CONNECT)
14:44:01 timeout set to 15 seconds
14:44:01 send (AT^M)
14:44:01 expect (OK)
14:44:01 AT^M^M
14:44:01 OK
14:44:01 — got it
14:44:01 send (AT+CPIN=XXXX^M)
14:44:02 expect (OK)
14:44:02 ^M
14:44:02 AT+CPIN=XXXX^M^M
14:44:02 +CME ERROR
14:44:02 — failed
14:44:02 Failed (ERROR)

XXXX stays in both cases for the 4digit PIN code.