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Thank you very much for all your help and for bringing us the ZS project. Its just great.

The company where I am using ZS wont give me budget for separate shaping boxes, so I have to do the best with the boxes I have now. As i have 5 VPN’s I am using 6 ZS boxes and using a separate box for shaping in each place I need shaping would mean 6 new boxes.

I was thinking the following, if we could set the QoS in the POSTROUTING chain we could catch the traffic going to the LAN and to the internet from vpn and proxy + all the forwarded traffic. I think that would be the more precise way to apply QoS in any case where the same box does several tasks besides routing. What do you think?

I have some questions. What should I modify so the QoS applies to the POSTROUTING chain as default?

Where can I find the QoS rules stored in the database?

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