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I think there was a problem communicating with the domain controller itself…
Only now I got a bit more familiar to see the logs…and thanks for those commands…they really helped 🙂
It works now….I disabled the DNS discovery too…

But,now I have different problems like internet not working through the firewall even when NAT is enabled..

Anyway,I’ll check this up well and then post back….
I’m actually migrating from Kerio Winroute to Zeroshell.
I’ve set this firewall up in 2 places ….it works well in one office…but gives problem on the other site.I’m struggling with the VPN setup too a bit…but,I’ll try my best and post back if I can’t solve it.
Thanks again for the time…and thanks for this firewall.It’s the best I found with similar features of winroute and its better while comparing with Endian,Pfsense,monowall and smoothwall.But,just waiting for your next releases with the disabled features enabled.
Thanks once again.