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@yum wrote:

I’d suggest you using Fedora distribution. There is an utility called “authconfig-tui”, which works perfectly. You just have to specify “LDAP” for authorization, “Kerberos” for authentificaton, provide Zeroshell’s IP-address for both services, input LDAP base dn and Kerberos realm based on domain name. No need to edit configuration files by hand.

While I appreciate the information, and I found similar info out on the net, replacing my distribution is not an option just to get this working. I’ll continue working on finding the answers elsewhere.

My goal is to have the Zeroshell box essentially function as an ActiveDirectory server – providing a single authentication / authorization service to a range of client machines (windows, linux, mac, etc). On those boxes, I’ll need to set up services for shell access, http authorization, and SAMBA services.

Any pointers to guides for these services would be helpful, but “replace your OS with this version” is not really an option, thanks.