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I don’t know if this helps, but I had to add these three lines to /etc/ldap.conf to get my connection to work for ‘getent passwd’.

ssl no
tls_cacertdir /etc/ssl/certs
pam_password md5

I would also love to figure out why I can’t get Apache to authorize a directory with LDAP from Zeroshell. I’ve done the following:

DAV svn
SVNParentPath /var/svn
SVNListparentPath on
AuthType Basic
AuthBasicProvider ldap
AuthzLDAPAuthoritative on
AuthName “svn-ldap”
AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthLDAPURL “ldap://zeroshell.local:389/dc=SPG?uid?sub?(objectClass=*)”
AuthLDAPBindDN “cn=manager,dc=SPG”
AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN on
AuthLDAPGroupAttribute member

Require valid-user

And all I ever get is invalid credentials. When doing ldapsearch -x, I can log into LDAP as long as I use simple connections without a password. However, I have *never* been able to log in with any of my users or their passwords. What am I doing wrong? The weird thing is, I have another machine that came pre-installed with other software which *does* allow logins, so it must be something I’ve missed. Any ideas?