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@yum wrote:

I’d suggest you using Fedora distribution. There is an utility called “authconfig-tui”, which works perfectly. You just have to specify “LDAP” for authorization, “Kerberos” for authentificaton, provide Zeroshell’s IP-address for both services, input LDAP base dn and Kerberos realm based on domain name. No need to edit configuration files by hand.


I follow this instruction and now I can connect to my fedora 23 VM using zeroshell LDAP.

When I enter the username and password, user information is retrieved into the ldap (as group and organization set in ZS are displayed in the Fedora login window), password is validated as session open, but user is automatically and immediatly disconnected.

I check with local administator the user profile and I can see login and logout in information.

I’m a newbie on ldap, and trying to implemente it for the first time. I check Fedora users and groups documentation, look etc/group and etc/passwd files, without success. I believe this is more a Fedora issue than a Zeroshell one, but I’m thinking you can help me ?