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Edit: I take it all back… the netbalancer don’t work correctly in zs 3.3.2 with ppp connections. After the kill cron in the night, the netbalancer take the connection to the state “standby” (wight is upper = no standby for this connection). When disable the second connection (backup) go the state from standby to fault! (ppp connect is up! only the netbalancer report error for this connection to any test ip (TEST) => [] : ERROR)

I disable the netbalancer in my productive environment as workaround.

Old Message:
I think i found the configuration solution:

old ZS Release 3.2.x and older working the netbalancer perfect with the option in the ppp0 configure:

Autostart the connection: “Yes”

In the newer Releas 3.3.x working the netbalancer after a disconnect only with this option in the ppp0 configure:

Autostart the connection: “On Net Balancer Fault”

In the configure page i see the note:
Note: Autostart the connection [On Net Balancer Fault] works if the PPPoE interface belongs to the Gateway Pool configured in the Net Balancer.