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Certainly, I’ll give it a try:

Site A

BOND00 (VPN01 + VPN02) DHCP enabled, fail-over only mode
VPN01 using WAN1 interface, VPN02 using WAN2 gateway (also dedicated iface), both in Client mode
Net Balancer configured as “Balancing and fail-over”, both uplink weights the same and set last rule to get all traffic over WAN1, with some exceptions specified above it

SIte B

BOND00 (VPN00 + VPN01), fail-over only mode
Both VPN’s over the same WAN uplink in Server mode
DHCP server is in the network of ETH00.

When I first enable DHCP on BOND00 at site A, it gets an IP as expected. However, from that moment it is not able to renew it’s IP, untill I disable and re-enable DHCP manually on this interface. There is also another VPN tunnel which doesn’t use bonding or whatsoever and has another endpoint (lets say Site C). This one has no problems renewing it’s IP address.

Also tested an uplink failure yesterday, to see if the bonded VPN would continue uninterrupted. Unfortunately it went down and didn’t come back at all, while the other internet traffic did fail-over after a minute or so.

I just looked at the DHCP log and saw a successful REQ+ACK for this interface, so that seems to work now. However, the log still constantly flooded with DISCOVER messages, why is that?