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Hi I am new to Zeroshell and this is my first post on the forum.

1. Thank you for zeroshell with the UMTS/HSDPA feature.

It is the only linux distro I have found so far that connects my
Telit MX20 usb modem (amoi vendor 1614 product 0800) to
the web out of the box!!!

Sadly my Ubuntu (8.10) installation cannot go anywhere else than to with it for now.
Thus I believe there is a bug somewhere in the zeroshell DNS setup.
eg I havent touched any setting so it should work (eg- my eee-pc surfs all over the world, and also my Winborg Xp surfs anywhere i like it to.

2. Why not incorporate the midnight commander shell with its beautyfull editor and the mc-serv?
3. What’s the problem with incorporating the kernel NFS daemon ?

4. why use a DB database instead of just having the config files in text as they are and the basic executables packed in tarballs for a modular on the fly installation, kind of like SPB linux used to be? or like freesco had.
Seems to me like having to passover the stream to get water…

In this way anybody could write an add-on and put it out on the web or send it to you.

5. I appreciate the web interface a lot,
It is beautiful. But why not have DHCP for subnet on by default ?
Also I would have appreciated a more clearly visible stepping order in the setup.

I hope you appreciate my feedback.

Thank you a million times for your time and efforts in creating zeroshell I and my friends will have much enjoyment with it.[/quote]