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@giancagianca wrote:

On default profile you cannot save configuration.

You must create a profile to save configuration… ….

That seems to point the answer. I thougth that after making changes to profile, you should create a new profile to save them. I did not noticed that every change you do to ‘Active’ profile is automatically saved, I.E. you do NOT need to create a new profile to save changes.

It looks like when you create a new profile only information related to ETH00 is saved.

So if you want to have ‘incremental’ backups, and/or have a copy of your current profile before doing some changes, you have to:

    1. Create a copy of current (Active) Profile. You get a new _DBXXX profile.
    2. Activate this new created Profile.
    3. Make desired chages on this Profile.
    4. If you do not like your changes, you can go back to profile on step 1.

Please confirm…