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right ok now i see it.
i used the bridge method and finally got it working, i was expecting 2 ips a little like a router i guess, now the 1 ip is clearer to me thanks.
i was worried that a clever student could discover the other gateway and use that to avoid the bw limits but yes i just checked and it doesn’t matter which of the 2 gateways he uses, the limits are in place.
i have set up a separate rule per ip (there are only 50 clients), one for me thats faster and left the rest of the bw for the default unclassified or unknown wireless users.
so far its working great, feel more in control of the network now, think it could still be tweaked a little.
for example i have a 6 meg line (works out to 777 kilobytes a sec) and i have given 5mbits to me, 2mbits to the 50 client computers and left 1mbit to the default wireless users. this means that i am over accounted for, is this an issue? i guess it may be if the line gets very busy.
should you always allocate ONLY the bw you have?
i have set the priority to low for default, medium for the clients and high for me, is that also best practice?
thanks for the help, i appreciate it a lot.