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The project which I am currently working on uses a Soekris net5501 board running Zeroshell and has a wireless access card which is based on Atheros chipset. I was able to create an access point using this wireless card with the WIFI drivers available with Zeroshell and I was also able to connect to this access point using my laptop. I had configured the wireless access point in the board with a static IP address and I used a static IP address in the same subnet in the laptop to connect to it.

Now I am trying to create an Access point at the wireless card with a Dynamic IP configuration. But I am not able to completely understand how this can be achieved using the Zeroshell web interface. Eventhough I change the IP address options in Setup/Network tab for the wireless connection to Dynamic IP I am not getting any dynamic IP address.

Also the next step in the project is to establish a communication between two such Soekris net5501 boards each running independently on Zeroshell. Even for this I would like to have a Dynamic IP configuration at both the ends with one end acting as a Access point or as a Base station and the other end acting as a client.

It would be very helpful if someone can provide me some inputs regarding this.I am sorry for not posting the complete details.

Sri Hari Kumaran