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@yum wrote:

Hmm, double check network setup under menu “Setup”->”Network”. I mean IPs, netmasks.
Is network status up (for example 1000Mb/s Full Duplex) for both interfaces?
Can you ping upstream proxy using menu “Utilities”? Can you ping any external site?
Did you correctly set up default gateway under menu “Router”?
Maybe it’s just DNS misconfiguration?

Both interfaces are up.
I can ping the upstream proxy (the utilities menu uses ETH00).
I can ping/arp/traceroute external sites (the utilities menu uses ETH00).

The default Gateway is which is our main router for internet based traffic.

It could be a DNS misconfiguration, how would I check this? I can resolve external addresses via ETH00, but how do I make it use ETH01?

I think the problem almost is possibly one of the following:

1) Transparent Proxy in HAVP doesn’t work (as in – it’s not properly routing HTTP traffic from ETH01 to port 80 on ETH00).

2) Port 80 on ETH00 is somehow blocked.

3) It can do the above but cannot route the traffic to the upstream from port 80.

If I use the captive portal, login as a valid user and then MANUALLY set the proxy to ETH01 port 8080 (ensuring that bypass local addresses in IE is unchecked) – it works providing transparent proxy is OFF.

If I do the same with transparent proxy turned on, it doesn’t work, however I believe the point of transparent proxy is so that you don’t have to put in proxy IPs and such.



Edit: Using ping -I ETH01 – I can ping the upstream proxy via ETH01. I can also nslookup from both ETH00 and ETH01. So it does look more like a routing issue.