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I have ZeroShell on both sides of the connection, both were configured to use the bonded vpn connections. For now I’m using just a single connection because of the faster download speeds.

Bonded or not, I’m loving the lan-lan vpn. I hated having all my local machines having to “dialup” into our old ppptp.


The bonds have encryption enabled but no compression. Disabling encryption does increase the traffic speed, but even then (no compression, no encryption) the download speed doesn’t match that of a single connection.

Would the two connections coming into a single connection make a big impact?

The server has one public IP with two VPN ports open for connections. I can give the server two public IPs, but I can’t do anything about the single network card.

My remote ZeroShell connects to each of the VPN ports through different internet connections (DSL goes to port A, Cable goes to port B).

My remote ZeroShell shares the NIC connected to the DSL connection with the internal network (has an IP in it’s ETH01 and a PPPoE connection using it). I don’t have an extra card lying around but I can also go pick one up if you think it might be an issue.

I also wonder about the Ram requirements. Both machines are running as virtual machines with a not so generous amount of memory (192mb and 384mb).

I also forgot to mention the Remote machine running ZeroShell_Beta11 has the MLPPP patch from, and my DSL connection is running with multilink enabled. That machine has 384MB allocated to it and two Xeon’s so I wouldn’t have thought that would be an issue.