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@thegmin wrote:

Back again, was on a trip 🙂
Ok so I did the port redirection, but something just doesnt fit, I redirected all public port 80 access to a http server with IP on port 80. OK so far so good, but when i try any domain, I end up starring at zeroshell’s login page. Cuz it also uses port 80. So do i have to change the port of the zeroshell web interface or something else?

sorry JC, i want to ask you some questions.
is it true, if i had only 1 Ethernet card in Zeroshell (ETH0) and my PPP0 is from modem ADSL on ETH0 (bridging mode) then forwarding port (virtual server) function didn’t work?

cause i have tried that and never got work! 😡

– port forwarding only works if destination local remote ip is zeroshell’s private ip

sorry for my bad english

pls reply ASAP (i’m so stressed out to solve these problems)