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I followed some instructions I found on the internet using IAX and I was able to create a TRUNK in both directions.

The problem I am running into now is that I am not able to call any extensions on the other end of the TRUNK.

There may be a missing step that is not listed, so any assistance will be appreciated.


For this example, I have 2 WARP appliances, each running Asterisk GUI 2.4 as released here. The WARPs are set up as follows:

WARP A – Ottawa
extensions 5000 to 5500
IP =

WARP B – Toronto
extensions 6000 to 6500
IP =

The following example will set up the Ottawa box so that it can call Toronto extensions as if they were a local extension. In order to allow the Toronto office to call Ottawa extensions as if they were local, this same procedure detailed below just needs to be applied in reverse. You will also need to use IP addresses and names that apply to your setup, the above are only examples.

In order to set this up, we need to create an IAX trunk on the Ottawa side that connects to an IAX extension on the other side. This may seem strange but the extension here is just the connect point for the IAX trunk.

So let’s begin. On the Ottawa box we need to go to Trunks -> VOIP trunks -> Add SIP/IAX Trunk. I fill it in as shown:

Now we go over to the Toronto side and create an IAX extension. We go to User Extensions -> Create New User Extension and fill it in as shown below:

If we apply the changes to both sides, we can see on our Ottawa WARP that our IAX trunk to call Toronto is registered. Go to System Status page and you should see our ottawa IAX trunk is registered.

Now we need to create a calling rule on the Ottawa WARP. We go to Outbound Calling Rules -> New Outbound Call Rule and fill it in as shown below:

Then we need to go to our Class of Service on the Ottawa WARP and edit an existing one or create a new one. It should be filled out as shown below.

We now make sure changes are applied on both sides. We can now pick up an extension on our Ottawa WARP and dial an extension on Toronto as if it were local. I dialled 6001 as that was an fxs port on the Toronto WARP and it rings through.

Remember: To get this to work from Toronto to Ottawa now, you need to redo the above in the opposite direction.