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Below i will post the screenshots of what i tried. i trie this on beta 12, since radius did not work on beta 13, (see my bug post)
my output chain is on accept all the time, since i see no need to secure it ( am i right?)

i test this from my lan to the zeroshel box. so the connection starts via eth00. i would like that it would both work when im on the same lan and also when at someone elses house, so at a different public ip.

Forward chain in accepting mode, internet through pptp works:

forward chain to drop. tcp 1723 and GRE destination. no internet:

forward chainto drop. tcp 1723 and GRE source and the one above this one. still no internet:

input chain tcp 1723 and GRE destination, combined with the above picture. No internet:

Do i also need to make a virtual server in the router page?