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ok .
I wanted to connect from the LAN 1st: for testing purpose, the connection works and i dont see why it does not work with forward on drop.
2nd:, i want to build my lan so that other people can not listen in on my pc. to have a tunnel directly to my gateway does that i think.
I want also to be able to connect from the WAN 1st to acces my server and documents
2nd: to route my internet trafic through my home connection when i am at a public wireless internet place, like a railway station.
3rd: I sometimes work with sensitive data that is stored at my LAN, i dont want that to leave my LAN. With a vpn i can acces that data from anywhere.

Thanks for your help so far.
Could u post the firewall rules and in what chain to put them, as i am absolutely not familiar with iptables. if u want, u can post them as text (iptables, sport, dport, etc.)
Below i post a drawing of my network setup.