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Yes that ia possible. i’ve worked with openvpn before. the only thing is that with pptp i can connect from any windows machine without carrying my usb-stick with the openvpn-client or the certificates.
Openvpn works great with zeroshell.
i think i know now why is does not work as i want.
after establishing a pptp connection client traffic may not be recognised as coming from ETH00, but from ppp10, (i saw this connection appear with the ifconfig command). The ppp10 adapter does not show in the web-interface. So maybe it will work if i wrote the iptabels commandline command for allowing all traffic from ppp10, just like in my allow all traffic from ETH00 line.
Or do u think that i should look to change the adapter pptp binds to vpn99?

correct me if this line is wrong please.

iptables -A FORWARD -i ppp10 -j ACCEPT