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Been out of town and away from the computer and then came home to find my web/mail server having hissy fits that needed addressing. Sorry about my delay in answering your query.

@ieee754 wrote:

hi atheling –

can i ask what you mean by “overriding what it does in the mangle table” ?

There are “marks” that are associated with each packet in the mangle table with in iptables. It is a separate table from the nat or filter tables. You can look at your mangle table with the following command:

iptables -t mangle -L -v -n

Zeroshell uses the marks before routing to setup which routing table will be used. This binds connections to interfaces. After routing Zeroshell uses the marking system to setup QoS. The two uses are in conflict as of beta12 so you can’t do multiple WANs and QoS “out of the box”. I submitted fixes for that to Fulvio and he emailed back that they would be in the next release. I don’t know when that release will occur.

This command will show you which routing rules will be used based on things like the “fwmark” (old name for the mark):

ip rule list

And then you can look at the actual routing table with the following (where xxx is one of the tables listed in the rule list from above):

ip route list table xxx

The nice little display of routing table given in the UI is actually deceptive: It is only a list of the default routing table made available for view for people who don’t know that “route” has been superceeded by “ip route”.

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hi atheling –
I am having all sorts of trouble getting SIP to work through my zeroshell.


It did not work well for me until I added the following to my pre-boot script:

modprobe nf_nat_sip

Not sure why it is not part of the standard setup. There is some mention of the older version of nat_sip breaking things in the archives of this forum and/or older release notes (can’t remember which). But it seems to work for me okay.