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That looks interesting.

zeroshell already has iptraf, which can display various network statistics. I connect via ssh and get a shell prompt, then enter ‘iptraf’

To store your iptraf config changes (until the next reboot), a directory needs to be created:

mkdir /var/local/iptraf

iptraf configs:
I set the Update Interval to 1 second, otherwise running iptraf via ssh, it generates a lot of IP traffic on the ssh connection if it’s constantly updating the display.
It can filter for just selected IP addresses. Then the Detailed display will be fairly short. It does remember the filters, so turn them back off when you are done. I rarely use the filters.

I use these iptraf displays:

Detailed interface statistics — select the internet ETH interface. I see kbits/sec counts, updated every 5 seconds.

IP traffic monitor — select the internet ETH interface. I see bytes and packets for all the internet connections. Sort by largest byte count to see the big users.

General interface statistics — to see activity counts on all the ETH interfaces.

Statistical breakdowns… by port number. To see what port numbers are in use.