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@ppalias wrote:

There is not route issue on Bridge mode. Bridge is in layer 2 while routing is in L3. Check if there is a loop in your network and ZS’ spanning tree has blocked a port.

I figured out the issue. All traffic is being classified as P2P which is limited to 2kbps. Under QoS>Class Manager we have Class: P2P, Description: file sharing peer to peer. Then if you go to QoS>Classifier, we have:

MARK all opt — in * out * -> MARK set 0xb
Class: p2p

Target Class we have P2P selected. In the tutorial on setting up the rule for sniffing out the P2P traffic there were on/off buttons to select the L7 traffic you wanted to look for. We don’t seem to have that in our Zeroshell. See screen shot.

Do we manually have to add each one of the P2P applications from the L7 drop down list? That seems very teadious…..