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Well…we run the lsusb and we see the device at 0b95:7720 (we know this because if we remove it…and rerun lsusb…it is missing)

I look that up and it actually turns out to be

vendor: 0b95 (“ASIX Electronics Corp.”), product: 7720 (“AX88772”)

LSMOD however shows nothing about the usb ehternet device nor asix.

I do a search on the ZS box and I find in /cdrom/modules/ but I’m not sure how to load it..and more importantly…how to get it to auto load each time.

ifconfig comes back with the info about the onboard nic, the dummy1 conncetion, and the built in VPN connection…but no USB (because there is no mod loaded for it I would assume.)

The GREP command comes back with info only about eth00…specifically r8169 : ETH00: link up.

So…what does one need to do to get the module to load for this usb nic?

All help is greatly appreciated.