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thnsk for the detail ino.

1. You need unlock codes for more than 2 eth devices ?? I thought this project was opne ? Are you sure ?

You can use all interfaces. To get the graphical history of what your box is doing on those interfaces via the “Multi Router Traffic Grapher” you will need codes from Fluvio. I got my codes by submitting some software improvements for the next release. According to the main part of the web site you can also get codes by contributing some money to help defray costs. Seems strange I know. And I think progress would be faster if Fluvio setup a SVN server and let people directly contribute. But it’s Fluvio’s project and he is running it his way and he has come out with a product good enough for me so I will not complain too loudly.

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2. I have 200 mbit fibre connection. I should have mentioned this inthe first email. This is in Sweden, and 100 mbit is becoming quite common in the cities.
This is why i was asking about speed using the soekris boxes. Few commercial routers can handel this properly unless you pay big bucks.
I really want to use zeroshelll so i have the functionality i need.

I am thinking of using a dual atom nettop, do the vlan trunking on it, and a downstream switch that supports vlans now. I dont see any other way right now.

May I say that I am jealous of your bandwidth? 🙂

I don’t know the protocol your fiber network uses, but if it is something like ATM or Fibrechannel you can use all the bandwidth that is there. Ethernet bogs down if you load it anywhere near its rated speed (this is somewhat mitigated if you are running a point-to-point with the appropriate duplex setting).

The net5501 has only 10/100 Ethernet interfaces so even if the CPU could handle it I think the interface would be a bottleneck. You probably need something that has a 10/100/1000 Ethernet on it. I doubt the net5501 will handle your speed requirements.

Rumor has it that Soekris will be introducing a new product early next year that has 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces and a GHz rated dual core processor. If/when that box comes out Soekris might have something for you. But if you want to buy now, I don’t think Soekris has anything that will be fast enough for you.