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Thank you for your reply, I wasn’t expecting one so fast in Christmas πŸ™‚
Yes, I have a virtual server for each connection, and I route all P2P via 3g modem (ppp1). That is working fine.
What leaves me at a loss is that even if I put a balancing rule to send all the traffic (no protocol filter, no port filter, only “from” address filter) that comes from the machine running MLDonkey via ppp1, MLDonkey keeps using the wrong IP address (the one given by the ISP to ppp0, adsl connection) to make a port test.
This happens roughly 60% of the time (the weight of the adsl gateway).
Anyway, I have come to a solution of sorts setting MLDonkey to discard connections with lowID. Crude but effective.
I would have liked to know what’s going on, though. πŸ˜•
But it’s a very minor point. ZeroShell rules! πŸ˜€

Merry Christmas to you, ppalias!