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Rda implemented this, and it works great. I’d like to see a drop-down menu option to list the different sets in the Firewall and QoS menu, rather than just command line.

It is soo much easier to state certain “not” ports (! port #) such as 80,53,110,25 as a set, and add/delete the list with appropriate ips.

This way, if you have a person that is spamming, you can state any ip in the set, that you can alter on-the-fly, that is NOT using 80,53,110, you can drop, yet still allowing web browsing, dns, and receiving of mail, but spammers can’t sent out, all with one rule in the firewall-manage, rather than 3 separate rules for each ip, cluttering it up, and the need to add separate comments to each rule.

It’s faster too for the firewall to instate one rule and point to a set, rather than instate separate rules all the time.