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So after further review and testing, I realized even balance-tbl is no good as it is fetching the speed from the interface, which is not accurate, i.e. a 6.0/0.8 DSL would be considered 10meg symmetrical.

Users doing vpn bonding over variable speed links certainly have seen issues with performance, am i the only person to try this so far? am I missing something?

consider it like this:

you have two customs agents open at the airport and you have a family of 10 travelling together. There is an employee in front of customs directing each person to alternating agent line round-robin without considering how fast each line moves. Now consider that each agent is processing people at a different rate, say agentA is 1 person per minute and agentB is 2 persons per minute… basically it will not matter that one agent is faster because the family cannot move on until they have all cleared customs. sorry maybe this is a stupid example but its 2:30am.


I am now looking for patches that implement weighted RR in the bonding module, i would like to avoid reinventing the wheel if possible….. and if I cannot find anything I will write a patch myself to expose the slave speeds/weight to sysfs to be set manually.