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I can see that you don’t get an ip address either, for you top domain, trendy.awmn
And that is exactly what i’m trying to figure out.
In your example, you do not get an answer on your dig requiest for trendy.awmn. You do though for barracuda.trendy.awmn.

when you dig trendy.awmn, it asks for an result for the question “IN A”, but gets no answer. Looking at your results, i can see the “QUESTION SECTION” bot no “ANSWER SECTION”.
If you deside to put up a website on “trendy.awmn” you won’t be able to resolve the name “http://trendy.awmn” from within your network.

If i install bind on a another machine, and i write the zonefiles myself, i can put in an A-record without an entry name. This is a working zonefile i’ve written:

$TTL 604800
trendy.awmn. IN SOA ns.trendy.awmn. root.trendy.awmn. (
38400 )
trendy.awmn. IN NS ns.trendy.awmn.
trendy.awmn. IN MX 10 mail.trendy.awmn.

A <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< *
ns A
mail A

*I’ve marked the line above.

I’ve also seen examples where the entry name for the a-record above, is “@”. So what i think would be nice, is if i was able to put in an a-record in the SOA-creation.

I’m not at all sure, what i’ve stated above is correct, but this is how i believe it is, please correct med, cause i must do something wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thanx for the replies and effort ๐Ÿ™‚