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Pinging through VPN tunnel works ok; the reason why the connection is broken relates to the fact that all communication between the authenticator and Zeroshell is sent via the tunnel ( not to the gateway itself ), and after a predefined timeout, Zeroshell thinks the client disconnected from the session, and close the connection actually.
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I have found that for Cisco VPN Client, in order to do split-tunneling, 2 requeriments must be fulfilled:

1. Check “Allow Local LAN access” at the client
2. VPN concentrator must be configured to allow local LAN access to clients, and create a list of allowed networks to be accessed locally at the client site. This list is downloaded by the client after the tunnel was established.

In my situation, Zeroshell is installed at a hotel, so usually people using the client software has no administrators rights to change the configuration, and wouldn’t take the time to call to IT support in order to ask them to include his local network in the allowed networks list ( even worse, probably the net admin wouldn´t want to do that )

With the Microsoft VPN Client, access to the local network is allowed by default, so the authenticator can communicate with Zeroshell without problem.

Thanks for your help my friend