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I’m running a Soekris net5501 with an extra ethernet card plugged in giving a total of 5 interfaces. My bandwidth requirements are fairly modest compared to some that have posted on this forum:

DSL: 0.7M down / 0.3M up
Cable: 30M down / 3M up
LAN1: Lightly used wireless
LAN2: VoIP network
LAN3: Mail/web servers and a couple of desktop machines

The box runs well with that load:

Uptime 59 days, 2:49
Load Avg 0.13 0.21 0.16

And the through put in speed tests on the cable ISP are about 50% better than with the old Xincom 502 that it replaced.

I do use the OpenVPN, but only a single connection at a time which seems to be limited to the cable ISP upload bandwidth.

Given that I’m averaging about 20% CPU in this configuration I’d say that you probably would not want to use this box if your bandwidth requirements were significantly higher than mine or if you have more users or higher transfer rate to your internal servers. But if your load requirements are similar to or less than mine, it works great.