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atheling, I have the lan-2-lan openvpn connections setup using the UDP protocol and not the TCP protocol. When setting up a VPN for voip only using zeroshell, I was (with a little outside of the box thinking) able to successfully configure internet qos to make sure that vpn traffic would have a high priority by classifying “everything else” as needed, setting a guaranteed and max speed on the default class, and setting the priority of the default class to highest. The vpn qos works as necessary for voip — i.e. uploads do not interfere with voice call quality, excessive downloads do not interfere with voice call quality (if policing is used as well–normally mild downloading would not interfere given the proportionally large download speed that is commonly available)

ppalias, thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate all the time that you have spent helping me with this. I made most of the screenshots, but it seems difficult to believe/convey the fact that a rule that should classify Everything is classifying Everything BUT the vpn traffic with just a screenshot.

Anyway, here is my attempt:

Please see this screen shot:

As you can see from the shot, despite the classifier that should classify all traffic to the VPN_OUT class, only a minute amount of traffic is classified into that class. Everything else goes to the default class. There is no other traffic on the zeroshell box except for vpn (it is strictly configured as a vpn gateway). This leaves me to assume that practically everything that goes into the default class is vpn related.

Please note, you would probably say that if the zeroshell is not the default gateway for the internet, there is no reason to shape traffic. This is a simplified test case. The same symptoms would be seen in a situation where the zeroshell box had a pppoe connection directly connected or if the box was set up to be a transparent qos bridge.